About us.

Adday was founded in response to a global stress epidemic coupled with the scientific findings of the gut-brain axis. 

It's clear that mental health and weight are linked to a balanced microbiome. With this in mind, we combined 8+ strains of bacteria, gut-friendly fibre, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and neutraceuticals, and formulated a multi-pronged approach to brain health and metabolism.

Combining care and scientific findings, our goal was to create products that would help you meet your health goals.  The little things add up, and by combining multiple helpful ingredients, we’ve created a product that allows you to get more out of your supplement. Life is busy enough, we’d like to simplify it for you. 

Cognitive support in a stressful world

Metabolic support in a sugar-obsessed world

Immune-supporting vitamins and minerals

30 billion live bacteria

Improved body + mind

The modern context.

Western lifestyles can disrupt the balance of the gut microbiome, affecting mind, body, and weight. Good gut flora and a balanced microbiome are crucial for numerous bodily functions, without which we're left feeling stressed, disconnected and out of control.

Adday's exclusive formulations provide your gut with beneficial bacteria, vitamins, nutrients and neutraceuticals to support the microbiome, and in so doing, provide you with the building blocks you need to support body and mind.

One part of a greater solution.

There is no one thing, no silver bullet, that'll fix all your health problems. Instead, we like the combined approach: Take the supplements, but also focus on sleep, focus on work / life balance, and be mindful of the foods and drinks you consume. If you look at health holistically, you're on the right track.

Ro Huntriss (MSc MRes)


Gretel Maceratta (MSc)


Roger Wertheim-Aymes

Health specialist

Karyn Purchase

Supply chain expert

Expert network.

Our approach involves collaborating with top specialists in nutrition, neuroscience, and mental well-being. This ensures that every aspect of our work is dedicated to supporting you in providing the utmost care for both your body and mind.