The ultimate valentine – A healthy microbiome.

The ultimate valentine – A healthy microbiome.

February is the month of love, and naturally, as marketers, we exclaimed “of course we have to promote our product on Valentine’s Day!” Some of you might ask, what on earth does good gut health have to do with your relationships?

A lot more than you’d think!

Mood regulation -

The gut and brain are closely connected through what's known as the gut-brain axis. A healthy gut can contribute to better mood regulation, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. When you feel better emotionally, you're likely to have healthier interactions with those around you, including your partner.

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Energy levels -

Good gut health means your body can efficiently absorb nutrients from the food you eat, providing you with the energy you need to engage fully in your relationships. When you're feeling energized, you're more likely to participate in activities with your partner and enjoy quality time together.

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Reduced irritability -

Poor gut health has been linked to irritability and mood swings. When your gut is in good shape, you're less likely to experience these negative emotions, which can prevent unnecessary conflicts in your relationship. 

Better communication -

Believe it or not, gut health can even affect your communication skills. When you're not distracted by discomfort or digestive issues, you're more likely to be present and attentive during conversations with your partner, leading to more meaningful and effective communication.

Physical well-being -

Good gut health is also linked to overall physical well-being, including a strong immune system and better sleep. When you're feeling physically well, you're better equipped to handle the ups and downs of a relationship and support your partner when they need it.

So, while there may not be a direct correlation, prioritising good gut health contributes to a happier and healthier relationship. At Adday, our mission is to create products that help people show up as the best version of themselves. Ditch the chocolate and flowers, what you really need is a healthy microbiome!

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