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Adday in the context of modern life.

We can only truly understand our problems by contextualising them 

We asked Ro Huntriss (MSc MRes) to do an independent scientific review based on Adday’s five unique formulations and the unique ingredients in them. As a former healthcare practitioner and specialist dietician, she understands the context better than most, and emphasised the state of the fast food industry as one of the leading causes of society’s health problems. 

Much of the quality of human health lies in the gut 

“The gut microbiome plays a major role in multiple aspects of human health, including the immune system, mood, hunger hormones, sleep and cognitive function. When we refer to the gut microbiome, we are referring to the complex community of living microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that reside in the digestive tract.”

You are what you eat, and what on earth are we eating? 

Before the mass production of food as we now know it, including the rise of ready-made meals, fast food, highly processed foods and foods that have been over-processed, we used to make our food from scratch. In fact, society's eating habits were quite different, characterized by a focus on whole foods, traditional cooking methods, and seasonal eating.  

Over-processed food is bad for your gut

Overall, the pre-fast food and processed food era was characterized by a closer connection to the sources of food, an emphasis on freshness and whole foods, and a slower, more traditional approach to cooking and eating. This type of cooking and eating is naturally supportive of the microbiome because it’s full of fibre, nutrients and naturally low in processed sugar and salt, which means most people would have had relatively healthy microbiomes. 

Cut to today, and although medical technology and medicine have advanced, the number of adults with obesity and diabetes has almost doubled over the course of the last twenty years. And what else has changed over the course of the last twenty years? The way that we consume food. 

Here’s how to get back on track and take care of your gut 

To support the microbiome, we need to tend to the gut like we would a garden. Different seasons require different things, but it always needs care if we want it to be happy and healthy. From digestion to immunity, metabolic and mental health, it's all connected.

The system of digestion

The microbial cells that make up the microbiome assist in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, synthesizing vitamins and minerals. The microbiome also maintains the integrity of the intestinal lining.

The complex immune system 

Since 70 – 80% of immune cells reside in the gut, the microbiome also has a profound influence on the immune system. It helps regulate immune responses, defends against pathogens, and promotes immune tolerance. 

The Gut / Brain Axis

Through new knowledge of the gut/brain axis, the bidirectional communication pathway between the gut and the brain, the gut microbiome has also been linked to brain function and mental health.

Our overall metabolic health

Even newer research suggests that the gut microbiome influences metabolism and plays a role in metabolic health conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In response to these insights, Adday has formulated a range of multi-defence gut supplements, focused on cognitive support (Mind Focus), metabolic support (Weight Balance) and immune support (Symbiotic, Pre Immunity and Pro Immunity). By combining live bacteria, vitamins, nutraceuticals and minerals, the Adday range provides a breakthrough collection of formulations suited to the modern world.

In the context of western diets where people are more ill, more overweight and have more pressure to perform than ever before, Adday offers a supportive solution. A multi-defence gut supplement formulated with the modern world in mind.


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