Hi there! If you’re here, you’ve probably received an email from us because we’ve reached out and are interested in working together based on consignment. 

Consignment is a low risk arrangement where the brand (in our case, Adday) provides its products to stores or boutiques without the store paying for them upfront. Instead, the brand retains ownership of the products until they are sold by the store. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide products: The brand sends its products to the store.
  2. Display and sell: The store displays and sells the products.
  3. Get paid after sale: Once a product is sold, the store keeps a portion of the sale price as a commission and sends the rest to the brand.
  4. Unsold products: If products aren’t sold, they can be returned.


Low risk, high quality 

This arrangement helps the brand reach more customers without the risk of unsold inventory, while stores get to offer more products without an upfront cost.

50% of the sale goes to you, 50% goes to us. We split the sale and we split the effort. 


Looks great on the shelf 

It looks great on the shelf and is highly noticeable. Great colours, great type, great large sized pack, the product packaging elevates the space and all the products around it. 

Great reviews 

Our customers love us, here are a couple of our reviews 



Price list 


Full Price 

Retail / Consignment 

Weight Balance 



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Pro Immunity 




If you’d like to have our products in your store, get in touch directly